Mission and Vision

Mission of Sadıkoğlu Makina is manufacturing quality products, institutionalizing with conscious, educated and specialized staff, sharing our quality targeting our impeccability aims with all our employees, customers and suppliers.

Vision of Sadıkoğlu Makina is: *Being a corporate company open to cooperation in each sector, *Manufacturing and offering quality products with a perfectionist approach, *Not harming the environment, *Keeping unconditional human safety in the forefront, *Making high service quality an important link of our workflow chain, *Offering world class products to our customers, *Ensuring fulfillment and satisfaction of our employees with the benefits of teamwork, *Undertaking “knowledge” oriented works with our R&D activities and our structure that carries our experiences to the future generations.
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Sadıkoğlu Makina
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Adress : Körfez Sanayi Sitesi 311 Blok No 105
Merkez, Kocaeli
Phone : 0 (262) 335 03 17 / 0 (262) 335 25 14
E-mail : sadikoglu@sadikoglumakine.com.tr
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